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Balance, Babies and Business: The Mompreneur's Roadmap

Balancing the demands of motherhood, artistic passions, and running a thriving business can indeed be a daunting task. However, with the right guidance, the journey becomes not only possible but also inspiring. In a recent episode of the Foxy Mama podcast, we got an opportunity to learn about this remarkable balancing act from two incredible mompreneurs - Michelle Citrin, a celebrated portrait and headshot branding photographer, and Lindsay Barrasse, the host of the podcast and a successful businesswoman herself.

Michelle Citrin and Lindsay Barrasse on The Foxy Mama Podcast, two women on a podcast discussing motherhood and work life
Michelle Citrin and Lindsay Barrasse on The Foxy Mama Podcast

Michelle Citrin: From Chaos to Order

Operating out of Asheville, North Carolina, and Miami Beach, Florida, Michelle Citrin has been juggling her family life, her creative pursuits, and her business. Citrin shared her journey, offering insights into her transition from chaos to order as she forged her path as a trailblazing mompreneur. She runs a successful photography business, capturing stunning portraits and branding headshots for her clients. Citrin’s tale of determination and perseverance resonates with many mothers trying to juggle similar roles.

Lindsay Barrasse: A Versatile Mompreneur

On the other side of the microphone, the host of Foxy Mama Podcast, Lindsay Barrasse, has been successfully managing multiple roles as a mother, artist, author, filmmaker, and the owner of Foxy Media and Marketing. Her own journey has been nothing short of inspiring, with Barrasse balancing her creative pursuits with the demands of a thriving business. As the owner and operator of Foxy Media and Marketing, Barrasse uses her platform to share stories of successful women entrepreneurs. She encourages other mothers to pursue their passions while successfully managing their businesses and family lives. Her remarkable journey is an inspiration to mothers who dream of owning a business and excelling in their creative endeavors.

The episode with Michelle Citrin on Foxy Mama Podcast is an engaging discourse on mompreneurship. It provides invaluable insights into balancing personal life, passion, and business, through the journeys of two successful mompreneurs. It serves as a beacon of inspiration and guidance for mothers who are trying to tread the challenging path of entrepreneurship while managing their families and nurturing their artistic pursuits. WATCH or LISTEN NOW!


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