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Celebrating National Sons Day with 'The Foxy Mama' Podcast Launch

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

On this special National Sons Day in the United States, I couldn't think of a more fitting occasion to launch my podcast, 'The Foxy Mama.' This project, a labor of love, is not only a celebration of motherhood and creativity but also a tribute to my beloved son, Jack FOX Corigliano. Today, as I release it into the world, there's an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and happiness that words can barely capture.

graphic for the foxy mama podcast with a beautiful woman and mother in front of a microphone

A Tribute to Jack FOX Corigliano

My foxy boy, my inspiration, my world, my son. When I decided to start this podcast, I knew I wanted to honor the incredible journey of motherhood, which began with the day I found out I was pregnant. The name 'Foxy Mama' isn't just a catchy title; it's a reminder of the strength, resilience, and creativity that motherhood has awakened in me. My son's name, 'FOX,' embedded within it, is a testament to his influence on this journey.

new born welcome to the world photo adorably swaddled

The Journey to 'The Foxy Mama'

Creating this podcast has been a journey in itself. From conceptualizing the idea to recording those first episodes, every step was an adventure. It wasn't always easy. There were late nights and moments of self-doubt, but there was also an unwavering determination to bring this dream to life.

Why 'The Foxy Mama'?

As a creative entrepreneur and a mother, I've often found myself navigating the delicate balance between these two worlds. 'The Foxy Mama' is a space for like-minded individuals, creative parents, to come together and share their experiences, their highs, and lows, their wisdom, and their laughter.

A Sense of Accomplishment

As I hit that 'publish' button, there's an immense sense of accomplishment. It's the realization of a dream nurtured for months, the anticipation of connecting with fellow parents, creatives, and kindred spirits.

...but beyond accomplishment, there's happiness in sharing. I hope this podcast serves as a source of inspiration, a reminder that creativity and parenthood can beautifully coexist. I hope it provides laughs, insights, and a feeling of camaraderie to all who tune in.

Join Us on This Journey

So, as we celebrate National Son Day, join me in celebrating the launch of 'The Foxy Mama' podcast. Let's embrace the joys and challenges of creative parenting together. Whether you're a mom, a dad, a creative, or simply someone seeking inspiration, there's a place for you here.

adorable infant in overalls with big hazel eyes on his belly doing tunny time showing 6 month mile marker blocks on the floor in front of him

Jack, my precious FOX, this podcast is not only a tribute to you but a promise to continue growing, learning, and sharing in this incredible journey called life. Here's to new beginnings and the adventures yet to come. 🦊💖🎙️

Thank you all for being a part of 'The Foxy Mama' family.

Special thank to my husband Dave of Asheville Video Marketing and our company Voyager Creative for being along on this wild ride with me; you're THEE BEST!

beautiful family portrait wife husband and baby boy sitting on the sand of a beach on a nice day

Happy listening! 🎉

P.S. - You can find items mentioned in the podcast on my Amazon affiliate account at Happy shopping! 🛍️


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